My Story

So you want to know about about me huh? Well dive on into my brain.

I am a Florida,USA native and grew up doing the typical things you find in the south like fishing, hiking, diving, and the occasional paintball chicken match in the backyard. However, that is about where it ends in terms of the typical "southern boy" you'll find in me.

I had a very diverse upbringing to say the least. I'm born to two immigrant Korean parents who are extremely hard working. One who is quite literally a sociopath when it comes to his work and the other who is calm and reserved. I guess they balance each other out. As for me though I'm very laid-back but I can be strict when the situation requires me to be. With over 20 years of Martial Arts training I can turn on a switch to be as stiff as a soldier, but through my love of Hip Hop I've learned to relax and not take things too seriously.

I found my love of photography and film thanks to one of my best friends who is like my older brother. He brought me into his world of film making and shared his passion with me. Now he's off doing great things in Hollywood and I couldn't be more proud. However, through him I saw another way to view the world. I saw a way to capture the world and share my point of view. To tell a story that others might have missed.