r e v o l v i n g d o o r s

I wrote this 1 year ago...and only published it now...but the words still resound in me.

R e t u r n i n g

After traveling non-stop for nearly 2 years and waking up almost with no idea what I would see or do, I returned to the US. More specifically I returned to the my hometown of Orlando, FL.

So how do you go from living an adventure to returning to a “normal” life. You’ve changed, your thoughts have changed, the way you view the world has changed, and you’ve seen and experienced what some people never do in their lifetimes. You don’t want to lose all that and conform back to society. Yet everything around you back home seems to have stayed the same.

I find myself asking the question what can I do with all my experience now that I’m back?

B a c k w a r d s

“To know where we’re going we have to look from where we came.”

The old cliche saying that we all know. That, to be able to find our path going forward sometimes we have to pause and take a look back to not forget our original direction. I too often get lost in my ideas of wanting to do so many things that my path looks like a spiderweb of trails sprawled out across the ground.

I find myself in a crosspoint in my life. Do I continue with my adventurous lifestyle with an  uncertain future, or return to a the life of offices and cubicles with a guaranteed future.

N o w

With nearly a 2 years of being absent, I’ve come back to writing. An outlet I originally intended to document my travels. I lost motivation along the way somewhere, but recently have found my drive again.

My skills are rusty with my writing plain and choppy. However, I will get back to where I was and even better.