My journey has begun. I'm currently sitting the in Singapore Changi Airport, which is quite possibly the nicest airport I have ever been in my entire life. Definitely beats the Incheon Airport which was the nicest I've been in up to this point in my life.

I felt like I was in a mall more than an airport

Let me backtrack a bit to show you where I am.

I spent the night before with friends and family having dinner and packing my bags.

All my clothes and belongings I'm bringing with me...plus some underwear that's already in the bag.

All my clothes and belongings I'm bringing with me...plus some underwear that's already in the bag.

Somehow all that fit into these two bags.

Somehow all that fit into these two bags.

Basically my day started at 6AM Eastern US. I showered, got dressed, and met my parents downstairs as I doubled checked stuff before heading to the airport.

I met up my friend/older sister/yoga teacher/martial arts training partner Robin at the airport who is making the trip with me to Bali for 3 weeks before returning back to Orlando. We got all her bags checked and our boarding passes printed. All my stuff is carry-on so I don't have to worry about losing a bag. Which would be detrimental especially since I'm backpacking.

The last time I'll see Orlando International Airport for a very, very, very long time.

From Orlando we flew 2 hours to Detroit and immediately hopped on our connecting flight to Tokyo. After a 12 hour flight we again immediately began boarding our next flight to Singapore. That was another 7 hour flight. Which brings me to where I am now.

I'm currently sitting here in utter astonishment at this airport and all the amenities that they have. A free movie theater, amazing food courts, a freaking mall, a butterfly garden, a koi pond, completely foot massage chairs everywhere, and the occasional police officer with a M16 checking boarding passes and passports. Definitely not a bad place to have a 7 hour layover. If I ever choose to have a long layover in any airport it would most definitely be this one!

Koi Pond

One of my friends asked me before I left if it had hit me that I'm leaving. I told them very calmly, "Naw, I haven't really felt anything. I'm kinda whatever about it." We both chuckled a little and then he said, "Well it'll hit you in the airplane ride over."

Now to be honest I haven't really felt anything still. No butterflies in my stomach, no serious doubts if I should be doing this, none of that. I don't know if I should feel that or not, but in any case I haven't. Maybe I will later, or maybe I never will.

One of my good friends asked me if this was some kind of "Eat Pray Love" kinda thing I'm doing. Having not seen the movie or read the book I didn't get the reference. (I've since watched it on the plane ride over) However, she explained it to me as if I needed to find out who I am and what spiritual journey I need. I told her no. This isn't some quest for me to find out who I really am or what spiritual guide I need in my life. What really inspired me was seeing an episode of Top Gear when they went to Vietnam and rode across the country on scooter. It was fucking beautiful. I'm a pretty crazy person and riding a scooter or motorcycle across Southeast Asia has been something that I've been wanting to do for a while. Now that I'm going hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that. BAM!

If you don't like Top Gear then I don't like you...

If you don't like Top Gear then I don't like you...