Ready! Set! aww crap I forgot something...too late just GO!

So after several long nights of pondering to myself what should I do next ever since I graduated from my university, I came up with!...nothing.

I knew what I wanted but I just didn't know how to achieve that. I knew I wanted to travel. To work internationally. I enjoy traveling and seeing different places. I remember talking to some of my professors in college telling about all the different jobs that they had worked abroad. After hearing all of that I couldn't focus on anything else. I wanted to live and work abroad myself.

I started applying to different jobs in Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Korea, and Singapore. I also thought well hey I might be able to get my foot in the door with a big multinational company here. So then I applied to big names in New York, Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco. However all I got back from every company was the same generic response, "Your credentials are great! However, you're just not what we're looking for at this time. If anything in the future opens up we will be sure to contact you...blah blah blah." So basically a bunch of no's just kept getting thrown at me. Those were a little annoying more than they were discouraging, because I was so used to hearing no from people that I would often ignore them and do what I wanted anyways.

So that's when I said fuck it. If I can't work abroad I'll just travel abroad myself. Thus began my decision to travel abroad to Southeast Asia.

A lot of time was spent on Reddit's r/travel that built up the wanderlust in me. I basically used that as a rough guide to just go out and do it. Almost everybody asks the OP what made you decide to do it, how did you plan for it, etc. Usually their answer is the same..."don't think too much on it. Just go out and do it. The adventure will come with your experiences and journey. Don't wait just go." That has pretty much been my thinking with this whole thing I'm planning on doing.

I have no plans. I kinda know where I might go. I don't have an intention of returning anytime soon. So I guess I'll see where I end up.